In today’s episode, I am going to give you a clear path towards finding out what would make you personally and professionally fulfilled, which is the cornerstone of creating a life and business built on purpose.

  • Topic 1: Why Purpose is Important [00:23]
  • Topic 2: Revealing My Purpose [01:20]
  • Topic 3: Perfect Day Exercise [03:40]
  • Topic 4: Professional Fulfilment Finder [08:23]

Perfect Day Worksheet
Professional Fulfilment Finder

Episode Transcript

Why Purpose is Important [00:23]

Finding your purpose in life may seem just like a nice to have, but it is so much more important than you think. Living a meaningful life contributes to better physical and mental health, and multiple studies have found that it can even help you live longer. There is so much stress that’s created in the body when you are not aligned with what you want, and one of the biggest regrets of the dying is that they wish they had the courage to live a life true to the.

Not the lives that others expected of them. This is just further proof that lacking meaning and purpose in life causes so much suffering in our culture because your mind becomes so conflicted between what you truly want and what your reality is. But I don’t want that for you, and that is why I’m here making this podcast.

In today’s episode, I’m going to be revealing more about my purpose as well as giving you the clear path towards finding your personal and professional. I wanted to reveal more about what my purpose is because I feel that if you are listening to this podcast, I really want you to understand the message and meaning behind it and, um, really what I’m here trying to achieve.

My Purpose [01:20]

So my purpose really is to empower more people to find and fulfill their soul’s desires. So that they can live and work aligned to their purpose and create a life of freedom and fulfillment. I do this by teaching others how to start and grow a profitable, purpose-driven online business, giving my clients the tools, platforms, and strategies they need to build businesses that enable them to be financially independent and share their unique skills and gifts with the world.

It’s my belief that this will create a better future for humanity. Because empowered, purpose-driven humans are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled and able to contribute to steering society in a more positive and powerful direction. To summarize all of this, I’ll give you the short version. My purpose is to empower more people to live a life of freedom, fulfillment, and independence.

By building a profitable purpose-driven business. I’m so driven and passionate about this message because I was someone that lacked meaning and purpose in my life and really struggled to figure out what it was that I wanted to take action on that, and then create that clarity around that bigger vision and you know, my purpose in life and how that’s then intertwined within my business as well.

Your purpose may take some time to reveal itself. And as your life evolves and you change and your values change, your purpose can change as well. And that’s completely okay. But today’s episode, we’re really gonna dive into activities that will help you create more clarity around what it is that you really want, and then you can adapt it from there.

So in the last episode I spoke about the difference between personal and professional fulfillment, but if you missed it, quick little recap is that professional fulfillment is all about how you’re serving others. And personal fulfillment is around how you’re creating a life or lifestyle that makes you truly happy, that you love waking up to you every single day.

And these two things are really what underpins your purpose. So most of the episode today is gonna be about how to gain more clarity around these two areas. It’s usually easier if we work on your personal fulfillment first, because you probably have a clearer idea about what you want your life to look like, and then we can, um, adapt our strategy around what that vision is.

Perfect Day Exercise [03:40]

So when it comes to personal fulfillment, I want you to start by creating your life vision, and this is going to enable us to have a really good understanding about what you want your lifestyle to look like. The activities we’re going to go through is called the Perfect day exercise, and little bit of background.

I’ve done this about three times in the past 10 years, which doesn’t seem like much, but the impact that it has had. Has been so profound in terms of me creating clarity about what I want, making decisions based on what I want my life to look like, and then steering my life in that direction. So it’s really important that we start at this point, and you can then go on to strive towards creating this by being mindful and aware of the choices you’re making and if they’re bringing you closer or further away to what it is that you truly want.

Of course, you’re going to have ups and downs, and not every day is going to be perfect or the same, but life is made up of all of these small moments every day. And when you put all of these days together, this is your life playing out in real time. So the clearer you can get on what that actually looks like, like I said, is gonna help you make decisions and mould your life.

That. So instead of looking out into this huge potential future and what that could look like, let’s just look at our life first. What would make us truly happy and excited to wake up every day? So if you are at your desk or computer or somewhere where you can type, then there is a worksheet. In the show notes that you can download straight away and follow along or pause this episode and take as much time as you need to answer the questions and map out your day from start to finish.

If you’re on a walk or somewhere where you can’t, um, access the worksheet yet, totally fine. Just keep listening along and then when you get a chance, definitely go and download the worksheet when you. So in the worksheet you’re going to see that there’s a timestamp on the left hand side that’ll give you 24 hours of the day, and then on the right hand side, you can input exactly what you are doing for every single hour for 24 hours in your perfect day.

So this obviously includes the hours that you’re asleep and awake, but on the hours that you are awake, I want you to get really in depth in terms of the details of what you are. So some questions that you can think about is what time you wake up, where you wake up. Um, if you’re not at home, then where is home?

What’s the weather like? Do you have a morning routine? If so, what does that consist of? What type of activities do you do throughout the day and how long are you spending on each activity? Think about what you are eating and drinking throughout the day, where you are eating and drinking, whether you are with other people or you’re alone.

Um, if you do any exercise and what type of exercise that is and how long you do it for, do you see anyone else through the day? If so, who? And, uh, what do you do together? And do you then have an evening routine? If so, what does that consist of? And then what time do you go to bed? Also think. The senses that you’re experiencing throughout the day, especially the feelings that you have and what you smell, what you see, see what you taste, what you hear, um, but definitely how you feel.

So the more detailed you can get on the physical, Um, details of what you are seeing and what you are sensing and how you are feeling. In my experience, honestly, it is more likely that it’s going to come into reality when you are that detailed about it because you can then start to envision that ideal day or that perfect day and that future that you want.

Also, take a moment to think about what work you’re doing. In my perfect day, I’m doing the work that I’m doing. If you can also put that into your perfect day and start being able to envision that future in the business that you’re creating and the work that you’re doing, it’s going to then help mold again, your decisions and the actions that you take within your business.

And then what we’re gonna do in a later episode is we’ll look at your perfect day and actually map out how much that lifestyle would cost you, and then how you should potentially structure your business to achieve that in terms of your schedule and income. But for now, all I want you to do is this one exercise of mapping out your perfect day.

Whatever your situation right now, I would really encourage you to do it, not only because it’s seriously so powerful in creating more clarity around what you want, but because we will need it for some of the activities in later episodes.

Professional Fulfilment Finder [08:23]

But now moving on to professional fulfillment. This is all about what we do in our work to live a align to our, our purpose, and our soul’s desire.

So this is a more practical approach to purpose because it’s about what you should be doing for. Now, if you’ve been into personal development of any kind, you’ve probably heard of Ikigai, which is a Japanese concept. That means your reason for being. It’s believed that Ikigai is your life’s purpose related to work.

It’s the point of convergence between these four key areas of life. What you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. So this is essentially the key or framework to knowing what it is that you could or should be doing as a business or work that will allow you to be professionally fulfilled.

So, keeping in mind that a lot of people see this concept as the pinnacle of finding purpose, but if you’ve been listening to previous episodes of this podcast, you’ll know that professional fulfillment is just one part of the puzzle. You wanna be sure that what you choose to do also gives you the lifestyle that you want.

Just because it ticks every box in those four key areas doesn’t mean it’s what you should be doing. You still need to balance that with being personally fulfilled and make sure that that daily routine or required input from you is aligned to your goals in that sense. But answering these questions will reveal a lot about what it is that you should be doing in your work so we can build a business that allows you to be professionally fulfilled as well.

So this part of the podcast is another activity. Again, you can find the worksheet in the show notes or feel free just to follow along if you are out and about at the moment. So what you’re gonna see in the worksheet is the first column, it’s going to ask for your skills, interests, and. What I want you to do is write everything you have skills, experience, or interest in anything.

Think about any past achievements, experience, and skills you have developed in your life. Even include areas that you’re just interested in or passionate about in some way and would love to develop further, even if you think there’s no way that you could get paid to do it yet. Um, don’t think about the next steps.

Just write the first things that come to mind. Mm-hmm. You can also look at the things that. Already doing this can be really revealing, especially those things that you don’t need to be asked or motivated to do or learn about. And you can also include areas that are just generally meaningful and purposeful for you.

Examples of this could be fitness, going the gym, investing relationships, nutrition, skincare, beauty, making money online marketing, advertising, playing an instrument. List out everything. And then once you’ve done that, we’re gonna move on to the next step. Once you have a good list of things, down the left hand side, go through and write yes or no against the questions for each one.

First question is, would you love to serve others in this area? So that’s the first column being service. The second column being love. Would you love to do this every day, right? Yes. No. Money is a third column isn’t monetizable. So can you create a business around it? And I’m gonna be honest and say that you can basically build a business and make money online in pretty much everything.

So if you really think that it’s a no, I would encourage you to look and see if there are other people doing anything in that industry or in that area, and. Almost guarantee, pretty much every area would be covered already. Which then leads us to our next question, which is demand. Is there a real demand in the marketplace?

So are there people, other people interested in this area that you could potentially sell something to? Now, what’s gonna happen when you answer these questions is that. Any of the areas that you write yes to in all four columns is going to come up with a little tick saying that, um, that is something that you should explore further because it’s a match in terms of love, service, money, and demand.

And this is essentially your icky guy. So this worksheet just gives you a way to list out everything that is a potential area for Explor. And then really taking it into a more practical sense of knowing if it’s something that you could serve others with, and hopefully as a result, give you some clarity around what would make you professionally fulfilled.

I’ve also added a comment section in the worksheet, so any ideas that come to mind as you’re going through it, especially the ways that you could monetize it. You can use this column, but generally in terms of monetization, you’re going to be looking at a product service or coaching business. Usually most things will fall under that, but in saying that, you can monetize almost anything on the internet, but this is where most people are going.

If there’s some idea that comes up as you go through, definitely pop that in the comments. I’m gonna throw a bit of a curve ball here and say that another way to monetize this is working for someone else like. I know this podcast is purpose-driven business and it’s all about creating a business, and that is, you know, the path that I recommend taking if you so desire.

But if you’re not someone that wants a business and that is completely okay as well. You can become personally and professionally fulfilled by working for someone else, especially if you find something that ticks all of the boxes in professional fulfillment, and then you see that it could actually give you the lifestyle and personal fulfillment that you desire as well, then that is completely fine.

So, like I said, this podcast is all about creating a business that gives you all of this, which is totally possible if it’s what you want, but I would rather you have all of the boxes ticked and not have a business, than to have a business that doesn’t tick any of those boxes. This message and podcast is all about helping you create a life that you love and is driven.

Purpose, and I don’t think that there is a one size fits all approach. It’s all about getting to know what you want, how to achieve it, taking action on starting it, and then developing it over time, both personally and professionally. So I hope this episode has helped you find clarity on the journey towards your personal and professional fulfillment.

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